Patty's Fitness Club

         "Too Fit To Quit"

Customer Testimonials

I was looking for a place to workout that could help me rehabilitate an injury that I have and the machines at Patty's Fitness Club really helped me and made such a difference for me. Thank you Patty!

Terry S.

Patty, the owner, is so passionate about her business that it spills over to me,the member. I can feel her passion and love for what she does.

Sharon P.

I enrolled in KGX Education so I could learn about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because I had only heard about it through friends and I wanted to know more about Bitcoin, how to buy it, how to sell it, and how to cash it in if I want to. Thank you KGX for teaching me, and the cost was cheap and the amount of education was phenomenal!

Shereen P.