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Let Your Money Work For YOU...Get Educated!

KGX is a group of very talented individuals, that have come together and developed a Simple Step by Step Audio Video training system that will Educate the World into the cryptocurrency space.

This step by step video training system will empower you to make your own decisions when it comes to participating in this powerful Crypto-Space.

This is important for you to know because you can go through these videos at your own speed. You can complete it in two days or even two months. However, what you will learn is everything you need to know in order to be successful in the crypto space.  

Our training package consists of three training modules: 
1) Bitcoin 101, 
2) Cryptocurrency, 
3) Crypto Advance. 

This is like going to Middle School, High School, and College. When you finish the 45  lessons in total you're going to know 90% more than those already in the crypto space right now. Our training is always being updated, which means you'll also get those updates, with no extra cost.

We have a system that allows you to earn while you learn so you can get your Return on Investment (ROI) back. 

We have what's called a Crypto Promoter. It's $50 dollars per year and it's an administration fee which allows us to put you into the system and pay you commissions for every person you bring into the business. 

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