Patty's Fitness Club

         "Too Fit To Quit"

In the beginning...

Patricia Moore was born in the territory of Hawaii in 1957. Hawaii became a State in 1959. Her mother was 100% Hawaiian born and raised in Waihee Maui, Hawaii, and her father was English, raised in East Waterboro, Maine. Patricia is 50% Hawaiian. Six months after she was born she and her parents moved to the mainland because her father was a Naval Officer. She lived in various places such as, Boston Massachusetts, Fall River Massachusetts, Newport Rhode Island, Charleston West Virginia, and Maine.  During her time in the mainland she had two other sisters that were born. At the age of ten her father put in for a permanent transfer back to the islands to bring his wife back home where she was born and raised. This was in 1967 when they all moved to Honolulu, Hawaii.  

Patricia attended Waipahu Elementary, August Ahrens, and Waipahu High School where she graduated in 1975. She took French throughout her school years with the hopes of becoming a model and someday moving to France to become a runway model. Unfortunately, the modeling profession would not accept her for runway modeling because of her height, so she dropped out of her classes.

At the age of seventeen Patricia was blessed with a daughter. Her parents were old-fashioned and made her get married, but after turning eighteen she left her abusive marriage and went back home to her parents and worked as a maid with her mother for over ten years. During this time she remarried, but that too was another abusive relationship. After being married for seven years, and being constantly abused, she decided to leave but this time she got a place of her own instead of going back home to her parents. There were times when money was very difficult because her job only paid so much, but she still managed to put food on the table for her daughter. Life was not easy but she made it work well for herself and her daughter.

In 1985 she married again for the third time, thinking that maybe this was the right one. She was right! They lived in Kihei, Maui and her husband adopted her daughter. It was unfortunate that the two of them couldn't have any children between them.  They did become guardians for their granddaughter because their daughter was into the drug scene. They saw this as an opportunity to raise a newborn child together even if it was their granddaughter. They were very happy! They all lived a wonderful, happy life together until Patricia's husband passed away. 

Patricia decided to move to the Big Island, Hawaii. There she became an office administrator for the owner of Curves Hilo. In 2011, she was asked to buy Curves Keaau, which she did. She was a little scared but she knew that she had the education and will power to run the business. Three years later, she purchased Curves Hilo. She enjoyed every minute of her success and she loved her members and employees. After running both her businesses it was time to renew the franchise leases, for a fee of course.  The fee was too high to comprehend so, with a heavy heart, she decided to retire and close both franchises. She is now partially retired, but she still owns and operates Patty's Fitness Club which is a home-based business where she conducts personal one-on-one fitness and nutritional coaching.

Education is key!

Patricia has been a busy woman. Here is a list of her greatest achievements! 

* Barbizon Modeling School, 1973
* Waipahu High School graduate, class of 1975
* First Assistant Manager position at Jenai's Hallmark Shop
* AA Degree in Business Administration, 1991
* University of Hawaii - Manoa, 1995
* Office Manager/Bookkeeper for a wholesale wine distribution company, 1987
* Owner, Curves Kea'au, 2011
* Owner, Curves Hilo, 2014
* Owner, Patty's Fitness Club, 2016